Saturday, August 28, 2010

176 colors!

i finally got my hands on the infamous 88 and metal mania palettes by coastal scents!!! they were a bit more expensive than the combos on their website.. but meh.... at least i dont have to pay shipping now :-)


this would definately last me for a few decades!! the colors are way more vibrant in real life.  to be honest, i wasnt gonna get the one on the left since i only wear nudes ( except for halloween hahahahah) but i noe my furball loves crazy ass colors so i bought that one as well =)

tam bobo knows me too well hahahahaha


it is called.... METAL MANIA, not MENTAL MANIA u mental woman!!

yummy pandan sponge cake :) the earl grey sponge is in the fridge now =)


  1. pandang cake yumm :>
    i see how MENTAL you are horsebobo! this is crazy, guess i'll never have to get u any eyeshadows in my life..what else do you need next?

    ....and whats with the newest entry?

  2. tambobo! hahahaha u shud give me all ur eyeshadows!! ur too wasteful! :D:D let horsebobo finish them for u!

    the newest entry? now u noe what i hate!!


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