Tuesday, August 17, 2010

dang homie! did u see dat chola???

chola,  hardcore mexican/latina gangsta girls.

to survive on these notorious streets, u gotta be tough.. or look tough at least

typical chola everyday makeup: sharpie drawn on eyebrows with dark lipliners

u see, u needa look like ur mad angry at all times, or else ppl wudnt be intimidated by u. frowning 24/7 is simply too tiring, thus these chicks came up with a brilliant idea.

why frown when u can draw big angry eyebrows on ur forehead?

yup thats right. now u can even look mad when ur sleeping! what about the lipliners? well they are just there to balance out the bold look.

hey i actually look pretty hot in chola makeup!!!
whatcha say homie?


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