Sunday, August 15, 2010

i aint saying shes a gold digger

is it me or is it true that all expats in hong kong love 'dating' brown hookers and maids?

u see em everywhere on the island... the brown sluts prancing around in their usual gear with their proud white beaus (often fugly +wrinkly) on their sides. a perfect match made in heaven i suppose?

these guys prolly think that they are some kind of pussy magnet. but can they explain why they have so much trouble pulling REAL women in hk + back in their own country? i dont hate those sluts,well at least not anymore, cos i mean technically they are just doing their job or trying to get enuf money from the guys so they cud 'save their SICK parents at home' right?

i guess its a win win situation afterall. 
the guy gets the pussy and the STDs, and the whore gets the money and his dignity.

always look on the bright side of life ( insert cheerful whistling) :)

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