Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mango Maniac

How do u eat ur mango? Most people I know cut them into halves or into cubes. I peel and eat mine like a banana. Don’t you just hate the massive seed in the middle?? What a waste of space! There could have been more room for the juicy flesh!! Argghhh!

sorry i took a big bite before i took the picture :)

I have attempted to grow my own mango tree when I was little. Stick them into the flower pot out on my balcony, hoping that it would grow into a tree giant and bear lotsa mangoes the next morning. Jack and the beanstalk. Margie and her mangotree. Life couldn’t have been better.

I smell the flesh of a juicy mango!
Be it green or be it yellow
Margie will turn em all into jello!

i must have been a very annoying child 

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