Friday, August 27, 2010

super fun afternoon avec michi :)

hahahahhaha look at michi's head :)

when the pics came out, both of us were laughing devilishly (in harmony bdw)  =D =D =D
cos the machine made us look 10000000X prettier than normal hahahahaha!
we transfered these pics via infra red to this random fone then via bluetooth to mah phone and then via bluetooth again to my laptop =D

this new machine is like super awesome! some of these are actually swf files!!!!! the background changes if u open it with the correct program ( ie: IE or sth). too bad i dunno how to upload em to blogspot... i mean i do know how, i just cant be fucked cos before u embed them (html) u have to upload them to an online storage place first....... ok SHHHH no more geeky talk!!!

my new holy grail!!!

i got this today!!! i need to rave about this,,, i just have to cos its tooo awesome !! goodbye oily nose!! YAY!

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