Thursday, September 2, 2010

asprin mask

ok, so last week i got this tinted moisturizer from laura mercier. i had super high hopes for it and guess what, it totally broke me out! NOOOOO i want to love u!! why cant u let me love u!!!!!!

i guess i just have really sensitive skin. ive tried several foundations from YSL and they alll broke me out ( both my face and my wallet!) but that didnt stop me from trying other foundations :) i went to clinique the other day and tried out their derma white foundation ... it smells DISGUSTING but hey fragrance is bad for your skin right? (wink wink body shop body butters!) the assistant from clinique ( yvonne) was uber nice! why cant those bitches from bobbi brown learn from these angels?

i only wear foundation during special occasions.. on most days i just dust a thin layer of powder over my face (to absorb the oils hahha) and im ready to go. everyone knows how bitchy and 'intimidating' the assistants are at bobbi brown.

bitch with acne scaring so horrible that no makeup would ever hide said
" ahhhh ur SUPPOSED to use the powder AFTER the liquid foundation. ur doing it all wrong" 
( her face spells LIKE DUH are u stupid??!)

wow thank you.

well OF COURSE i know that! but i dont have ugly scars like u do! why do i want to cake up my face everyday? ur killing ur skin! UR DOING IT ALL WRONG!


i hate pimples and i want to exterminate them. so i made an asprin mask!

100g of chicken thighs
500g of butter
5 cow testicles

nah im just kidding! all u need is asprin and some honey!

mushed up asprin with honey

slap it on ur pimples!
hahahah it looks like grainy cum=) BUKKAKE PARTY! hahaha
just kidding

not outstanding but it works! they are less red now :)

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