Monday, September 20, 2010


went to the beach yesterday

my tan is super uneven!!! argghhhh!! is that why we should all tan naked?

toms bj face :)

we went onto the gmax swing with these 3 adorable jap tourists! i think i did a pretty good job scaring these lads as the 'pilot' =) they wanted to take a pic with us before they leave spore for kuala lumpur 

some random taiwanese food festival near clarke quay.
toilet paper, LOCKED UP.
only in singapore.

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  1. Joyce Tam
    Flat 213 Room A,
    Lady Nicholson Court,
    38 Potterrow,
    Edinburgh EH8 9BT

    thats soooooo sweet of you :)
    gimme your mobile number so that i can txt you la!!!!
    i sent u an inbox mail, did u read it? :)


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