Tuesday, September 7, 2010

bouncin with jetstar

the flight was actually not that bad... i mean i got the window seat and no-one was sitting next to me. well at one point i did have the urge to kill the annoying kid at the back but hey what more could i possibly ask for?

now lets talk about turbulence. everytime i get on a plane, i always pray that the plane will be caught in a huge ass storm so i could get a free rollercoaster ride.

not this time tho...... why? cos i had a freaking full bladder when we experienced turbulence! i could literally feel the warm pee swishing around in my taut bladder as the plane bounces up and down.

at that moment...i only had 2 options

1: ignore the seatbelt sign and just run to the bathroom. CONS: i may end up pissing all over myself since the turbulence was so intense


2. hold my pee and try not to think about raging rivers or waterfalls in my own seat. CONS: i may piss all over my pants.

hmmm.... so its either my pants or my whole body eh?

i chose the 2nd one :) and I SURVIVED!!!! SAFE AND DRY all thanks to my strong bladder!

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