Sunday, September 5, 2010

dont cut urself, cos cutting doesnt help

my life has been pretty (&*$%(#*%(#($% lately. im trying my very best to keep the dark margie in the closet... i dont think i can do it any longer though. it sucks when ur family lies to you. it sucks even more when u have all the evidence to pop their bubbles right in the face.

well i popped my dad's lie just then ( yup it involved lots of screaming and crying) in front of my mom who accused me of doing sth that i didnt do. just becos im in my room doesnt mean i dont exist. i wanted to spend my last weekend with my family. guess it wasnt a great idea afterall. i noe they dont want me to go to singapore, in fact i dont think they want me to do anything thats not 'approved' by them. most ppl are quite surprised when they find out that i grew up in such a conservative and controlling family.

i dont want to live my life for anybody but myself. 
i dont need nobodys permission to live my own dreams in this fucked up world. 

moms trying to convert me. she actually took me to a CHRISTIAN BOOKSTORE today. if i were to convert, i would have done it ages ago! margie believes that "because there is a law such as gravity, the universe can and will create itself from nothing" (high five hawking!). to me, life has come about by chance. science or just an atheistic faith position? i dont fucking care.

i didnt wanna piss my mom off even further so i forced myself to walk around the store. if i didnt buy one, i think i would have to stay there forever. the first and only book that caught my attention was

how ironic.

i cant believe they sell this!! dont christians burn witches with books like these?? or do they use homos now?
anyways. after an hour of struggle, i walked out with this

our daily bread IV

look, im actually cool with all the religions in the world. but if u think im a horrible person just becos i disagree with ur belief, sorry, im afraid ur as arrogant as me.

see yall in hell.

what would margie do when life gives her lemons? force a smile and squeeze it into someone's eyes.

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