Saturday, December 4, 2010

E for ego

a very special someone told me to pause my life for a bit and do some self-evaluation. after stuffing my face with potato chips while watching the simpsons, here i am now, typing this note with my sour cream and onion flavored phalanges.

im a horrible self defeating self destructive monster that love to eat ben's and jerry's and kill my enemies by sloshing bottles after bottles of poison down my own throat.


what IS ego?

personal pride? self absorption? the conscious mediator between the primitive drives of id and the demands of the external reality? or is it the freaking retard who likes to hurt everyone that i care about and the man that i love the most?

whatever you are, im letting you go.

x i miss my grizzly bear x

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  1. Just dropped by to say I love your blog :) Ur smart, creative and funny !! ^^


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