Wednesday, February 23, 2011

tweet tweet

this morning:

"ok, reading time is 10 mins. u may start reading now"

theres margie, sitting inside the storage room of the research lab with her exam papers. 

margie, running onto a battlefield, naked, with nth but a blunt toothpick in her hand.

yup, victory is just one pick away.


finally going back to uni after 2 glorious years. gonna pick up my student id tmr.. gosh please please please let me take a new foto!!!! i look like a spastic kid in the old one :( NOOOOOO

dunno why, kinda wanna go back to cambodia right now. i needa meet the legendary happy hippie...FACE TO FACE this time!

ecstatic margie standing on cambodian waters

for those of u who are wondering what i was doing in the last couple of months, well i was in singapore, working at the jurong bird park as a show presenter and bird trainer. first of all i really wanna take this opportunity to thank the forever lovely shirlynn for getting me in touch with the bird people!! TANGS!TANGS TANGS! and of cos rajan and rashid for taking me on board :)

working at the birdpark was definitely one of the highlights of my gap year. yes it did involve lots of early mornings, bites and scratches but it was all worth it!! i miss everyone from the birdshow dept. i have learnt a lot from all those pros and gurus!! 

introducing my babiesssssss!!!!! chi keong and aprilla <3

so serious

i know ur not supposed to have favourites...but yea this is chi keong.. MY FAVOURITE! i love u!

thanks so much for putting up with my craziness at work!! u guys are one of the cutest and funniest bunch i have ever worked with :) miss u all !

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