Tuesday, April 12, 2011


ugg boots, you all prolly know what they look like...

personally i think they are a must-have for winter. no more freezing toes! :)

now, i know all my aussie friends prolly know about this already, but for all my non-aussie buddies.....

UGG AUSTRALIA is owned by AMERICANS (deckers) and their boots are MADE IN CHINA.

just becos it says AUSTRALIA at the back does not make them 100% australian deckers!!

Deckers, in short, is a huge-ass evil company which is trying to kill off all the REAL australian ugg boots dealers/ makers in australia. they have registered the term ' ugg' as their trademark in lots of places including the states, europe, china, japan and the uk. NO-ONE except for deckers is allowed to use this term to trade online, or even include it in a domain name. getting confused? well all that means is that if ur an ugg boots seller, u are not allowed to call ur boots ugg boots online.... HUH??

if u think this aint crazy enough, go to http://www.uggaustralia.com/counterfeit.aspx

so yea, pretty much they are saying if u didnt get ur boots through their company and if the boots have the word ' UGG' on them, they are COUNTERFEITS.

"If a deal seems too good to be true, question it - it usually is. "- UGG AUSTRALIA

hang on a minute, how about " if ur buying a pair of ugg boots from ugg australia, question it, cos ur being ripped off" ?

u see, 'ugg boots' is a freaking generic name in australia. hving it registered and preventing anyone else from using this term is like saying.....ok lemme make up a scenario to help u realize how retarded the situation is:

an indian company registered the term 'burger' as their trademark, so from now on, no one else apart from them can call that patty-wedged-between-2-buns-thing a burger


dont be a fool. dont let deckers make u think that UGG AUSTRALIA is the only genuine and authentic company out there. if u really want a pair of REAL uggs made by real aussies IN AUSTRALIA, go to http://www.australiansheepskinassociation.com.au/index.php/Where-to-Buy.html

some souvenir shops in aust sell genuine uggs as well. i dont know about u, but i personally feel like boycotting ugg australia, not becos their boots are a complete rip off, but becos they are utterly greedy, evil and retarded. 


  1. i was looking for a pair of Wellington boots online the other day & i came across UGG Wellies. Amazing!!


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