Monday, August 16, 2010

am i a sequential hermaphrodite?

dunno wt it means? go ask wiki =)

i have been a tomboy all my life.. even tho my hair is long enuf to cover my boobs now, my brain (50% i say) is still as boyish as ever. i decided to grow my hair out when i was around 16 cos heaps of ppl thot i was a lesbo. like duh, just becos i like to hang out and hold hands with girls doesnt mean im a lesbo!!! ok, that sounded a bit homo. but yea anyways, i was clearing out the cupboard just then and i found this......

three 13 year old boys falling off the waterfall on a gigantic log. 
wt so special about it, we see it everyday, everywhere.

well here comes the climax

thx gladys for the pic =)


im a sequential hermaphrodite

margies apple? swallowed,
penis and balls? fell off
chest hair? all waxed off, and yes im a regular at roxy's waxing salon

that was only 8 years ago. i wonder wt will happen 8 years later!!!

god bless us hermaphrodites!!!

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