Monday, August 16, 2010

black soup

the last time i went to a real hot spring was back in sept/oct last year. destination nippon. 

yup thats me avec mama and david in a pool of coffee hahahah my mom's pose= priceless!! thanks chris for capturing such a great moment! i think it wud have been way better if they added milk and sugar but hey! its still awesome cos its a coffee hotspring!

guess what ive found at citysuper?

TAHDAH! bath salts with extracts of clay from the dead sea!!!!  ok yes this aint coffee hot spring in a packet but they both share a similarity.....u will find out later :)

now i want u guys to pay attention to the left side of the packet. 20 mins of doing nth in a tub = 2 hrs of intense exercise??? i was like OMG im sooooo getting this!

they look like baby charcoal dont they? =)

i got a bit too excited and shat in my bath tub. this, is the aftermath.

nah just kidding! the charcoal babies are dissolving in the water!!! i was expecting it to smell like lush bath bombs... turned out that my expectations were a lil bit too high. it smelt like ammonia.... or fart. it must be the clay extracts.

so does it really = 2 hours of exercise? to be honest i cant even rmb wts it like to exercise so sorry lads, i really cant say. its a perfect way to relax on a sunday nite tho!!

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