Tuesday, August 10, 2010

HOLA! :)

hello munchkins!!

okay im a blogging newbie :) honestly this blog doesnt really have a 'theme' and i have no idea where this is heading so yea for the mean time, i'm gonna use this space to rant about all the random things happening in my life.

i think its good to start with a FAQ so you guys know who you are dealing with here :)

1. who are u? where are u from? where are u now?
 im margie. 1/2 monster and 1/2 human. bred and born in hong kong and was sent into exile (sydney) by my parents when i was 15. right now im bumming around + waiting for my working hol visa for singapore in hong kong.

2. so what do u do for a living?
technically im a full-time vet student :) due to health reasons i have to defer my course for a year. im supposed to go bk to uni this semester (this aug) but i failed pathology (BOOOOOOOO!) so yea.. will go bk in semester 1 2011!!!

have done all sorts of random jobs, paid + underpaid child labour : volunteered in delhi, unicef hk, lifeline express. worked at a pound ( with over 200+ hyper dogs), at a vet hospital and at hooters paramatta

3. alright... so i suppose ur gonna become a vet when u graduate eh?
yup!! i also wanna become a hot mama and start a furry family with my adorable future husband. wer gonna roast marshmallows, drink hot chocolate and cuddle all day long :)

4. got any obessions?
failblog, popping zits, all types of furry animals, junkfood, my bf, saltydogs, stuff with stars and lightning bolts.....

5.how old are u?
21.   with makeup= 23 years old, without makeup=98 years old , without sleep= ahhhhh how old are zombies? they dont age do they?

6. fluent in?
english, canto, mando and jubberish

7. how would you describe yourself?
crazy, predictably unpredictable, loud, hypo,unco, ignorant and emo

ok by now u shud have a slight idea of who ur dealing with here. will be back with more posts!! x

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