Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Yup I know. U look at this thing and u go WHAT THE FUCK?

Well guys, this is a Geoduck (pronounced as GOOEY- DUCK, not GEO- DUCK, man who wud have guessed). Don’t be confused with its name. it is NOT a mutant duck. It is the world’s largest burrowing clam!! They can be found in sandy mud of lower intertidal + subtidal zones, your biology textbook and on any Chinese seafood restaurant menus.

What? This thing is edible?
You bet darl! In Chinese seafood restaurants, these guys are kept in a tiny ass tank. I was quite innocent ( or retarded) when I was a little girl.  I used to pt at them and go “ mommy! What are the elephant trunks doing in there?” well, but ever since I know what a penis look like… that line sorta became “ eww, what are those penises doing in there???@#$(#*@$”

The siphon ( the penis looking bit) is often cut into super thin slices and are either mixed with wasabi/chilli/soy sauce and eaten raw or dipped into hot pots. I love its unique crunchy texture (not potato chips crunchy, but geoduck crunchy) and its taste reminds me of the salty water that I swallowed during my first surfing lession.

why are they called ‘gooeyducks’? they aren’t gooey are they?
Ahh… no . unless u smash them with a baseball bat. GEODUCK actually means ‘DIG DEEP’ in Lushootseed, a native American dialect. Well as the name suggest, these clams burrow themselves into the mud (clam down, penis up) and kinda stop and stay there when they hit the 3 feet mark. Due to abundant food source (plankton), low wear and tear and lack of natural predators, these penises have a life span of around 150 years!!!

Lets go geoduck hunting!
In various states in the US, the public are allowed to dig and keep up to 3 geoducks per person during clam seasons. They don’t normally survive after being dug up, so please guys, keep the first 3 u got ok? Since they live in subtidal/ intertidal zones, hunting is easiest during low tide. They are also found as deep as 360 feet below water. So yes if ur an adventurous kinda guy, u can always tie yourself to a huge rock and meet them down below.

what's better than ending this post with a squiting geoduck? hahahahha

Try them out next time when you visit a Chinese/Japanese seafood restaurant! <3

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