Tuesday, August 10, 2010


When was the last time you donated blood?

Well for me it was around 4 years ago when I was back in high school. I remember I used to deliberately choose slots that would clash with my physics classes. Yes I would rather lose 1 pint of blood than to sit through 90 minutes of quantum mumbo jumbo.

I cant recall where those blood people were from… all I could remember was that they were treating everyone.. well I cant say EVERYONE, but definitely me, as if I had ebola or sth. Hahah I guess they were just trying to be professional :)

It takes someone special to give blood. According to the National Blood Service (UK):

You should NOT give blood if:
·         You’ve had a tattoo or any skin piercings in the past 6 months
·         You’ve had hepatitis or jaundice in the past year
·         You have a sore throat or active cold sore
·         You’ve had a blood transfusion anywhere in the world since 1st Jan 1980

You should NEVER give blood if:
·         You are a hooker ( eww)
·         You have fucked a hooker ( desparate brainless losers!)
·         You have ever had syphilis, hep B/C
·         You are a man who’s had sex with another man ( WTF ! that’s discrimination!!! What if their blood is cleaner than virgin mary’s??)
·         You have ever shot drugs up ur veins, yup, even just ONCE

I tried to donate blood when I was in uni, but my weight and my haemoglobin levels were too low =(

So ya if you are that special someone, please go give blood today! Or tomorrow! Or even the day after tomorrow!  Lotsa ppl need your help!

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