Wednesday, August 25, 2010

hong kong is angry

the hostage crisis in manila is a serious blow to hong kong. 7million+ souls boiling in the their own blood, anger and frustration seeping through all orifices.

most of my readers are from hong kong, so im not gonna re tell the tragedy here. i mean... its all over the internet anyways. i literally sat in front of my tv from 6 till late, watching it unfold live with the rest of the world.

ok first, look at the cowards at the back.....
aiming at the moon, ur teammate's head + ur mate's penis (lowest arrow)
some of them were just wearing their baseball caps...where the fuck were their helmets????

now look at the circle. can someone tell me whats going on there? a threesome in action?

to the fucktard with the hammer : good luck with smashing the window and oh by the way did u left ur ladder at home? how are u gonna get in there?

cant break in through the windows? not tall enough to jump in? its alrite, we will try smashing the front door, again with the good old hammer.

look at the guys behind the shield. scared to the bones.

after all the crazy smashing sessions, they realised that theres a safety door (UNLOCKED) at the back. should have brought ur neighbour's ladder along guys. now u have to touch ur mate's butt.

the guys at the back of the coach... can someone please tell me that they are NOT aiming at the seats?


my mind= anger, frustration, disbelief, grief

the flip govt is sooo corupted to the point where loads of police stations have insufficient funds to pay their bills and salary. lack of training and rubbish equipments? well, i wonder why.

maybe our govt should have bribed the gunman and the hostage rescue team. maybe no one would have to die that night.

money money money. must be funny.

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