Thursday, August 26, 2010

ok this is war!!!!!

at one point (esp after i saw the disgusting smirk on the flip presidents face) , i sort of wanted to kill all the flips i see on the street ( dont worry guys, i wont go to wanchai or central for a while,just in case i go mad). but i reminded myself that this is a war between us and the corrupted flip govt... its not a chinese vs flip war.

but please look at this

maids, hookers and mistresses of tomorrow

the bloody crime scene has become the new tourist spot for the locals.

three. two. one. smile. 
nice shot. u cunts should be thankful that its from ur ugly friend's camera, not from my M16.

they are the first ones to be released. thought daddy would be ok. now hes gone.

this girl has lost both her parents and her aunt.  all she got now is her little brother.

distressed relatives of the group leader. he was only 31.

her husband got killed while trying to stop the gunman. a happy family of 5, now only 2 can return home ( mom and son). the son's skull was fractured by a blunt object. was it the butt of the M16? or was it the stupid hammer that the flips used?? he has severe brain damage and is still in ICU.

我哭了好幾遍。 這些人還在戲皮笑臉。

if u flips dont want us to kick out all the maids and hookers, please, stop doing these insensitive things. well at least try not to be caught on camera.

thank you for your understanding and co-operation.

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