Thursday, August 19, 2010

i kinda miss it now

finally going bk to uni FO REAL in march 2011.... u see... im suppose to GRAD in 2011... now its gonna be 2 years later ( cos i took a year off and i have to redo fucking pathology). do i regret it? nope not at all. 

if i didnt take the first year off, i wudnt have met my super adorable bf <3 ( hahahah i hope hes not saying the opposite! =D )

when i first started vet, i was an extremely hardworking + curious kid.... just like a jack russel in a room full of bouncing tennis balls and liver treats. 

somewhere along the line, i lost interest. i stopped going to classes and tuts and pracs. i simply stopped caring. 

i became an emo kid. a VERY emo kid.

i still rmb those nerdy cunts at school going " OOOOH! why are u always at home margie? i bet ur studying hardcore for the assessments / exams! oh please! i hvnt even started!! "

yea, LIKE U HVNT EVEN STARTED. i was at home/on the streets/ in my car/ on the beach/ in my bath tub hating the world. thats wt i was doing bitches. 

oh well that was then. now =now. i kinda miss those uni days. no makeup (cos the others are just as ugly), bed head, flipflops and a backpack. mon- fri, 9-5.


the more i deal with people, the more i prefer animals

only a few more years away and ur gonna be Dr.Margie!!!! hang in there!!!

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