Thursday, August 19, 2010

pull ur pants up already

what is fashion?

To me, it is just another way to express yourself.
To Karl Lagerfeld, it means white hair, black sunnies, anorexia and super high collars

To these guys

it must be some sort of religion. 

ok i confess, sometimes when im walking on the street, i do wonder wt sort of underwear ppl are wearing ( not in a creepy way, just in a normal curious way =D ) these guys seem to.... iono... WANT strangers to know :

1. that they do have some spare dollars for underpants 
2. that they DIDNT forget to wear their underpants today ( britney, why cant u learn from them?)
3. what sort of patterns they are wearing.

either that, or they are just having a contest to see who has the shortest legs. 

i know , i know, ur like" maybe they got no belts at home"

WRONG. look at this

an angry studded belt, hanging half way down his thighs ........ in case u dont know where his buckle is ... its below his RIGHT PELVIS!!! WHAT DAH? oh and bdw his tank is deliberately raised at the back to remind u guys that THIS SCENE is NOT just an accident.


or wear these instead!!!

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