Monday, September 13, 2010

a lazy sunday with the tree huggers

so yesterday we wanted to check out this kite festival.. not only did we went to the wrong place ( we went to level 5.... zero kites but lots of cars... why? cos it was a freaking CARPARK... we also mixed up the dates... it wasnt yesterday... its this coming sunday! double epic fail! hahahaha

but i must say it was an awesome fail becos we discovered a daiso at IMM!!! i'll check out the one in vivocity next time :) i wanted to buy soooo many tohados for tamboeboe but uk doe ying goi yau la hahaha we didnt buy heaps cos we needa go to the japanese and chinese garden later.

its funny because the japanese garden was full of indians... and the chinese garden was...also full of indians.... why dont they just combine the 2 and call it the indian garden?


  1. awww tohadoes for tamboeboe :) hehehehhehe
    no ah -_- edinburgh doesnt have any tohadoes im afraid :(
    nice pichas by the way!

  2. really???

    u make me wanna send u a box of tohadohs!
    but they only have 3 flavours here

    original, butter toast and marble soda ( blue one) :D


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