Monday, September 13, 2010


heres rooney and his soon- to -be -ex- wife

below is a piece of poo that costs 1000 pounds per nite.... rooney cheated on his pregnant wife with this whore. not once. not twice. but NUMEROUS times

which part of her tells u shes worth 1000 pounds? unless she has 60 pussies down there i think her price tag is 999 pounds too much.

rooney's explanation = "boys will always be boys"

OH! u mean cheaters will always be cheaters? losers will always be losers? wankers will always be wankers?

enough of those "men have DIFFERENT NEEDS " bs. I'm horny all the time too but do u see me fucking around with random guys/ prossies? NO! cos ive got self- control and i love my bf so much that i would not dare doing anything that would jeopardize our r/ship!

that whore is prolly full of STDs as well.... man did he genuinely believe that a 1mm barrier can protect himself and his family? does he know that all it takes is a few tiny viral molecules to cause a disease? does he know that if he passes herpes to his pregnant wife... the baby may become blind?

one word. SELFISH

u see, when men have money and power,... they think that their partner and kids are also part of their 'properties'. i support them financially so thats why u have to take my shit. HELL NO!

he is an idol of millions... kids look up to this fugly bastard and the last thing i want to see is boys growing up believing that its ok to cheat on ur partner because they are boys, or because rooney and woods did it.

its sad.
guys, if ur not ready yet, dont get married.

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