Tuesday, September 14, 2010

a cake made of moons

these days... it is almost IMPOSSIBLE to miss this festival.... the annoying tunes from those plastic lanterns ...for the peeps who hate em put chor hands up! why do they make it sooooo high pitched and loud??? must be made by some deaf factory workers in china.

the shopping malls are invaded by mooncake stalls. 2 yolk, 1 yolk, no yolk. they even got icecream and jelly mooncakes now. you name it, they got it.

u see..if the 'mooncake' doesnt have the right pastry (the yellowish one) or the right intestines ( lotus seed paste + yolk), i dont consider it as the real deal. come on man... an ice cream mooncake? or a block of icecream SHAPED like a mooncake?

its like.... hmmm.. if i make one out of french fries, does it mean that it will still be considered as a  mooncake as long as it looks like one?

4 seasons durian mooncake...final mug shot before i ate them

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