Wednesday, September 15, 2010

trolley x 1

TAHDAH! (ignore my shoes)

Im gonna show off my brand new trolley at the wet market tmr!!
I know I know, ur like “ ur only cooking for 2, u don't need a trolley” uhuh I get ya but that's only true if ur wet market is right outside ur flat!!! We live on a mountain (Singapore is pretty flat… so its more like a hill by hong kong standards or...a bump=D ) why torture urself when u can get a trolley? Now I can buy as many pomelos or durians or oranges as possible!! YAY!

Got my ID today… I look so (*(#$)(@#$* but its ok… everyone’s supposed to look ugly in IDs. Black and white, high saturation plus a darkened face…. Ahhh hallo! That remotely resembles my REAL FACE ( or anyone else’s face except for Africans and pacific islanders). still dont understand why they do it this way. 

Today is my 9th day…. I already feel a bit home sick L i feel like a loner here sometimes. but its ok, i do have lotsa lovely friends, except they are all 10 million miles away from me. everything here is at least 20% more expensive. U see I don't mind spending lots on good clothes / cosmetics/ shoes… but if u want me to buy some cheap ass FA YUEN STREET quality stuff for triple the price? Sorry mate, I'd rather buy a ticket home just to go shopping. 


  1. shoppingggggggg heart shopping!
    hahahah i cant wait to shop in the Initials with you again in december lol :>

    P.S. did u read my comment in one of ur previous entries? :(

  2. hahaha initial!!!! no more intial for u!
    soon u'll become their walking catalogue :D

  3. I know you told me to ignore the shoes, but they are adorable!

    New to your blog! I'm excited to read more!


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