Friday, October 1, 2010

day 1- avalon at large!

sorry folks!! i know i know i virtually disappeared for almost a week now. my net is SUPER SLOW at the moment, i think a disabled snail can beat my net. it literally took me THREE WHOLE DAYS to upload these fotos!! its mad.

future posts: day 2 at avalon at large, F1 ( including adam lambert and maria scary's concerts)

that may take another century but hey! its better than nth right? stay tuned :)

Yup! Cos we are here to party!
U gotta warm up ur ass and count down for F1 by partying non stop till late (on thurs AND fri) at Avalon at large! day 1 was a blast I tell u! we got santigold, steve aoki, major laser and flo-rida in the hse and that was only DAY ONE!!! All the featuring DJs and the supporting artists were amazing as well!

Woke up at six am for work on thurs, got home at around 7-ish and I couldn't believe I actually went to the gig without washing my dirty dirty dirty hair!!!surprisingly, my voicebox was completely intact after a nite of screaming jumping and shouting!

he was trying to jump off the ladder on stage


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