Friday, October 8, 2010

say hi to high waisted pants!

me looking retarded with the audio guide at the sky garden, marina bay sands.

yup! high waisted pants are back again! to be honest.. i had second thoughts when i was in the it gonna be another item that would end up spending the rest of its life hiding in the back corner of my closet?

i still rmb what my mama said to me when she saw me in these pants " OMG! i literally just chucked out 3 pairs of these!" well done mommy :)  luckily she didnt chuck out her belt! she got it when she was around my age and im wearing it in the photo!!! hahaha i wanna give my children hand-me-downs too!

the good thing about these pants is that they can create an illusion that ur a slender chick with super long legs. but the catch is... they would make ur ass look like that its 30 iches tall.

a fat, plump, elongated ass. hmmmm

so yea if ur wearing these, try not to let anyone take a foto of u from behind. trust me, 2/3 of ur body would look like its just plain ass.

now i wanna see guys in high waisted pants!

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