Thursday, March 15, 2012

worst scrub everrrr.

a blackhead clearing scrub that brings all the pimples to the yard. 

yup, buy this and scrub it all over ur face if u wanna get a major break out!!

im not even going to go into details and give u guys a full on review on this product. why? cos all u need to know is WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE so u can avoid it at all cost when you are at the drug store.

yes i know, it may work on some people but i seriously dont think its worth the risk to try out a product that is famous for breaking people out.

blackhead clearing ironic? its like an anti-diarrhoeal drug that makes u shit even more... a fridge that microwaves ur food and a dryer that makes ur clothes wet!!!

well i guess u can get this scrub for your frienemy's birthday, just dont tell her/him that i told u so =)

happy scrubbing !

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