Friday, March 16, 2012

a post about MUSCLES big is TOO BIG?

when it comes to the famous question " do girls dig guys with muscles?" i can honestly tell u that its a YES. 
i mean who wants a pudgy jiggly man who cant even open a jar of pickles for u?? 

yes yes i know there's also the personality/character factor but hey, u seriously telling me that ur gonna choose Lardy the greaseball over Leonidas if both of them have the same personality?? 

admit it, we are all shallow beings. i blame evolution to be honest. back in the days when men were hunters and women were berry collectors, guys who had more physical strength /hunting skills were more capable of protecting+ providing for their family. well i guess it wasnt a bad idea to befriend all the fatties in ur tribe since they probably knew where all the food was. but starting a family with one is like swimming in the ocean with a huge piece of juicy meat strapped to ur crotch. sorry, not worth the risk.

just like most things in life (except booze, hardstyle or family guy), moderation is the key.
u wanna be toned but not hulk- like.

gerald butler..... ME GUSTAAAA <3
above is a pretty good example i think. hot, toned, bang-a-ble and most importantly... achievable.
this sort of physique tells people that u care about ur health. it says determination, discipline, dedication, and hi-let's fuck. 

yup its him again hahahahaha :)
above is the next level up. it requires more hours in the gym, fake tan, shading for ur abs, a beard and a red cape ( the hot pants are optional :) entirely up to u, especially if u are gifted)

big, but still within normal range i think. 
now here comes the freaky nuggets........

wtf ???!!!

i know, his boots are so disgusting but let's just focus on the muscles now shall we? 

are they storing nuts under their skin for winter?? who knows but hey they can prolly crack a bag of nuts using nothing but their butt cheeks. 

muscles, veins, 10 gallons of fake tan and a thong. when u look THIS GOOD, who needs clothes anyway? i heard testosterone can shrink ur dick.... maybe thats the reason why they are hiding theirs in their thongs... but hey

they got me thinking.....
look guys, dont go overboard. a little of muscles is all u need.

resemblance to bull's testicles in a fish net is not a turn on. ( or is it?)

enough torture for ur eyes, now the following pic should reboot ur system :)


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