Friday, January 4, 2013

not ur average orange

annoying things come in many shapes and forms: gum underneath tables/chairs, boring repetitive ads during ur fav shows, westboro baptist church, 'subtle' dick scratchers in public, that child that wont stop screaming and crying in aisle 4....

the list can go on forever. 

one interesting characteristic of annoying things is that the your impressions could be neutral or positive at first, but if continuously repeated against ur will they could become truly ghastly. yes gangnam style im looking at u.

dont know about u but i normally try to avoid things that irritate me...after all life is too short..

but interestingly, ppl cant seem to get enough of the annoying orange!

on top of their web series, they now have their own merch and TV series!!! yes i kid u not it's called -  The High Fructose Adventures of the Annoying Orange , launching worldwide on the Cartoon Network in 2013 *O*.

i actually had the honour to walk pass this claw machine while on holiday in Noosa, Queensland.

lemme zoom in for u


insert 2 bucks to see how ur limpy weak ass claw lower itself down to gently scratch the head of that annoying orange. if that's not annoying enough, u still got a machine full of troll faces mocking ur incompetent ass.


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