Monday, July 30, 2012

Celebrating the Great British 'Summer'

yes! im finally back in action after almost 5 months!! this blog will be updated more frequently this time round (pinky promise + sealed with a thumb kiss, yea go vomit if u must ahaha)

ok lets cut out the crap and dive straight into business :) 

England has shit weather and everybody knows that. I was warned by so many people not to be too optimistic. My man is a London boy and he kept telling me that those people were talking crap and that I should believe in the British summer. 

sunny blue skies and tanned hot people prancing around in their revealing summer gear.

twas gloomy grey skies with oompa loompas walking around in rain. what about the sun? look, it was so weak u could look directly at it for hours without melting ur eyes... in fact if u n and the sun had a staring contest, u would prolly win.

but it was all too late. i only packed summer clothes. great. i didnt know 'dont be too optimistic' means 'their summer is actually winter but spelt differently'

this is what i felt like when i got out of Heathrow Airport with my havaianas on (+ frozen tootsies)

sum...merrr. -______-

'come to England in Summer they say, it would be lovely they say'

too bad the camera couldnt capture the rain. i grew up with short- medium bursts of heavy rain. this constant annoying drizzle was driving me nuts. get it over and done with already! 

how windy? THIS WINDY!

Tom at the Winspit. 
it took almost 24 hours for us to get to england from Sydney, of course we aint gonna let the weather spoil our holiday! one day Tom and I decided to walk to the Winspit from our little cottage in Worth Matravers. the weather wasnt so bad when we started but it got soooooo windy and stormy that we had to seek refuge inside the cave!

Tom inside the cave (or on the moon). wet , cold and looking fabulously stylish :)

YAAAY british 'summmmmerrrrr'!

my jeans were completely soaked with rain. super grosssss.

apart from snails and slugs, i really cant think of any living thing that like their summer like this. 

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