Tuesday, March 6, 2012

lip rugs and other misplaced eyebrows

what happened to moustaches? did they all die out with the dinosaurs?

or did they all got murdered by men's fear of being associated with their negative connotations?
creeps, gay firemen, paedos, porn stars from the 70s, the village people

i actually think they are quite hot hahaha
sometimes i think its guys like this that ruins the fun for everyone.

some guys grow one cos they think it makes them look more masculine.
well yes, only when it is done right.

how to double ur machoness and become an internet sensation:
machnoness soar through the roof ( he thinks)

let me show you how it should be done :)

a nicely groomed moustache beats a patch of peach fuzz any day. 


  1. I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!!!!
    somehow i stopped reading when you were still in singapore but i'm definitely putting it on my "my favorites" list now!!!
    love you berry much cutie hope to see you soonsies <3

  2. hahaha hey babe! ive stopped blogging since july last year :) that prolly explains why u stopped reading hahaha. im very ecstatic to hear that u like this <3 random brain splattering for all! whoop!

  3. Margie U Rock!! hahaha


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